• Network Leadership Series

    Twelve sessions of co-learning for network leaders sponsored by Small Foundation, hosted by Converge.

    The 2021 Network Leadership Series is an opportunity to connect with network practitioners working in Africa to more deeply explore the practice of network coordination together.

    By taking part in this series, you can:

    Grow your capability to engage a network mindset in cultivating impact networks

    Share stories and approaches with other practitioners in the field

    Access and innovate on useful frameworks and practices for network coordination


    Network Mindset & Emergence

    Focus on the network theory of change and how we leverage the key differences between organizations and networks to create impact.

    Network Coordination


    Focus on coordination roles and how network weaving, communications framing, and support contribute to network vitality.

    Participant Engagement


    Focus on the different ways network members engage and how creating opportunities for people to connect and collaborate generates value.


    The series includes 12 sessions from April through July

    Content modules are mixed with co-learning cohorts and smaller peer discussion groups

    All sessions will take place on Wednesdays at 3pm East Africa Time. The first session is April 21


    The Network Leadership Series is operating on a model of community reciprocity.  We ask that you contribute to the cohort and building the field of network practice in these ways: 



    Join 12 weekly sessions, share your wisdom with peers in conversation


    Pay it forward or Provide a gift of service

    (Choose at least one of the following):

    Write a case study about your network’s successes and challenges

    Write a blog post about learning, frameworks, or network practice

    Lightly facilitate a peer discussion group

    Capture brief learning summaries from peer discussions