Intro to Impact Networks

Introduction to Impact Networks is a free, 45-minute session for all those who want to develop a basic understanding of impact networks, why they’re important, and how they uniquely create meaningful change.

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January 17, 10:00-10:45am PST (5:00-5:45pm UTC)

About this event:

The social and environmental challenges we face today are not only complex, they are also systemic and structural and have no obvious solutions. They require diverse combinations of people, organizations, and sectors to coordinate actions and work together even when the way forward is unclear. Even so, collaborative efforts often fail because they attempt to navigate complexity with traditional strategic plans, created by hierarchies that ignore the way people naturally connect.

By embracing a living-systems approach to organizing, impact networks bring people together to build relationships across boundaries; leverage the existing work, skills, and motivations of the group; and make progress amid unpredictable and ever-changing conditions. As a powerful and flexible organizing system that can span regions, organizations, and silos of all kinds, impact networks underlie some of the most impressive and large-scale efforts to create change across the globe. Given the increasing complexity of our society and the issues we face, our ability to form, grow, and work through networks has never been more essential.

We invite you to join a free, 45m session to learn what impact networks are, why they’re important, and how they uniquely create meaningful change.

Presented by Converge, a network of practitioners who cultivate impact networks. We are systems strategists, designers, facilitators, educators, and evaluators committed to co-creating positive impact by advancing the network approach to collaboration.

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