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Here you’ll find a living document of stories, insights, and examples of our work as told by Converge Network members, as well as occasional writings from clients and network leaders in the field.

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On Sunsetting and Seedcasting

September 27, 2023
After 10 years, Converge has decided to sunset our network. The creative inspiration that sparked many contributions to the field is now reaching out in new directions. Rather than resist these impulses to differentiate and exert energy toward preservation, we’re celebrating the fruits of our long collaboration and casting seeds to catalyze the next wave of network practice. 
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How to design & lead an interactive fishbowl to explore complex issues across sectors

June 12, 2023
In this two-part article we outline the what and how of facilitating an interactive fishbowl. Part 1 outlines general information about fishbowls, when a fishbowl works well, and what it takes to design and facilitate one successfully. Part 2 unpacks design considerations that contribute to realizing the potential of the fishbowl methodology.
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So You Want to Hire a Network Coordinator

July 20, 2022
Impact networks are complex living systems, made of many interacting people, organizations, and ecosystems. In contrast to traditional organizations with linear processes and standard operating procedures, networks are dynamic, highly interconnected, and quite variable. To live into their potential, networks require a different kind of leadership that is focused on weaving connections and coordinating learning and action.
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The Network Mindset: Scaling Out, Not Up

January 28, 2022
Once you begin to recognize the webs of relationships that make up our world, you will never go back. This is the network mindset shift.
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