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Here you’ll find a living document of stories, insights, and examples of our work as told by Converge Network members, as well as occasional writings from clients and network leaders in the field

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What Networks Can Learn From Flocks of Birds

November 2, 2021
Sometimes, the actions of what seems like an incredibly complex system can actually be explained by a few simple rules.
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The Web of Change

September 16, 2021
In our globally connected and interdependent society, it is imperative that we understand the network dynamics that influence our lives so that we can create new networks to foster a more resilient and equitable world.
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How Engaging Emergence Makes More Possible

May 1, 2021
This is the story of real time collaborative learning and how connection and collaboration led to impact beyond our imagination.
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The Alchemy of Tension

April 5, 2021
To cultivate a network mindset, we must engage with tension differently. Rather than problems to be solved, network mindset calls us to view tensions as ever-present polarities that co-exist, each bringing its own value to the whole.
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