• Converge is a network of strategists and designers committed to social and environmental impact. We help build collaborations and networks taking action on issues as diverse as economic mobility, environmental conservation, human rights, and healthcare reform.

  • What We Do

    We support collaborations and networks in many ways: designing transformational and productive convenings, launching new collaborations, revitalizing lagging networks, and training others to become skilled network leaders.


    Establish a strong foundation so that collaborations and networks can achieve their ambitious goals.


    Build new collaborations and networks to advance learning and action across organizations, sectors, and systems.


    Activate lagging collaborations and embed sustainable network structures to help them thrive for years to come.


    Teach others the essentials of network leadership and provide existing network leaders with tactics and tools to expand their impact.

  • Examples of our Work

    Santa Cruz Mountains Stewardship Network

    “This network is exactly what I dreamed of and hoped for, for how work should happen in the region.”

    Jeff Gaffney, Director, Santa Cruz County Parks Department

    The Santa Cruz Mountains Stewardship Network is a collaboration of nineteen federal, state, and county agencies, land trusts, nonprofits, research institutes, a Native American tribal band, and a timber company, formed in 2014 to improve land stewardship in the 500,000 acre Santa Cruz Mountains region. Converge designed and launched the network in 2015, and trained a full-time network coordinator who continues to support the network to this day. Click here for the full case study.

    Justice In Motion

    "We have been showered with compliments and excitement. For many, including me, it was one of the most rewarding professional experiences ever. Thank you for being on this journey with us."

    Cathleen Caron, ED, Justice in Motion

    Justice In Motion is an extensive network of lawyers working to promote migrant worker rights across borders in North and Central America. Converge trained network leaders in El Salvador and designed Justice In Motion's first-ever full network convening to increase communication and collaboration across the network and to increase the effectiveness of network member’s individual work.

    Leading From Within

    "As we try to live into what it means to embody network leadership, it's been very helpful to work with Converge."

    Ken Saxon, Founder, Leading From Within

    Leading From Within (LFW) is an organization that runs leadership development programs for social sector leaders in Santa Barbara County. Converge helped to design and launch the first LFW “Possibility Lab” attended by over 140 LFW alumni and supporters, to activate their alumni network and explore opportunities for greater impact in their community.

    California Summer Matters Network

    "I keep getting accolades for choosing you as consultants. Everyone was so impressed and appreciative of the design meeting and what we ended with."

    Nazaneen Khalilnaji-Otto, Director, Partnership for Children & Youth

    The California Summer Matters Network, a program of the Partnership for Children & Youth (PCY), connects regional leaders and hundreds of school districts to increase and improve the summer learning opportunities for all children and youth across the state. Converge was engaged to design the strategy & structure for the network, and trained leaders at PCY to support the network going forward.

    Financial Advantage Network

    "This was no common facilitation experience. You bring extraordinary preparation, great wisdom, and an uncanny method for calling forth our better angels. I am confident our momentum will result in fruitful actions." Kathryn Jean Keller, Board Member, Express Advantage

    The Financial Advantage Network, an initiative of Express Advantage in collaboration with the Boeing Employees Credit Union, works to eliminate payday lending and create financial resilience for tens of thousands of lower income households across Washington state. Converge helped design and launch the collaborative effort featuring 40 leaders from credit unions, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.

  • Our Perspective

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  • Our Network

    Zach Anderson

    Zach works at the intersection of business, sustainability, and human potential. His diverse work experience includes leading executive team retreats in Europe and China, advancing renewable energy development in Guatemala, and teaching public school in rural Japan. In his work with Converge he has had the privilege to help develop networks addressing landscape conservation, migrant justice, and income inequality. He is an optimist despite the evidence, a mediocre athlete, and a devoted husband and father. zach@converge.net

    David Ehrlichman

    David Ehrlichman (aka "E") has dedicated his career to helping others create social and environmental impact through a collaborative network approach. He specializes in network strategy & design, coordination, and social network analysis, and has worked as a network coordinator for the Santa Cruz Mountains Stewardship Network and for the James Irvine Foundation New Leadership Network. Prior to cofounding Converge in 2013, he was a consultant with Monitor Institute, worked for an early education startup, and interned at Sub Pop Records. He lives near Seattle, Washington. ehrlichman@converge.net

    Gabriel Grant

    Gabriel helps senior level executives create high performance cultures of purpose, trust, and belonging. He is an international bestselling author, social entrepreneur, facilitator, and coach, whose leadership pedagogy is taught at Cornell and MIT. His PhD research at Yale illuminates when and how purposeful work contributes to the flourishing of people and organizations. He lives in Seattle with his wife, Sarah, and daughters, Ariana and Madeleine—with whom he shares a mission of creating unconditional love and powerfully contributing to others. gabriel@human.partners​

    Elsa Henderson

    Elsa Henderson is a facilitator, coach and educator. Her expertise lies in conflict facilitation and training development. She is a diplomate of Process Oriented Psychology and loves the predictable and unpredictable ways of people. Passionate about meeting the challenges of our current times, Elsa focuses on uncovering the emerging dynamics in individuals and groups, mapping complexity and deepening collaboration. elsa.henderson.studio@gmail.com

    Kelly Jarvis

    Kelly is a social scientist who believes that data should be used to improve systems, support health and well-being, and ensure justice. She works with nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and service systems to assess the impact of program and policy initiatives that address a wide range of social issues. She makes evaluation research accessible for service providers, by ensuring that data meaningfully support program development, improvement, decision-making, and messaging. When she’s not analyzing data, you can find her on a hiking trail in one of Oregon’s beautiful forests or in the boxing gym. jarvis@npcresearch.com

    Yingzhao Liu

    Ying Liu has a practice of integrating deep spiritual practice with our complex modern life. Drawing from Buddhism as well as the Native American path, Ying supports others in their journey of inner and outer transformation by shifting consciousness to deeper and deeper levels. As a user experience design leader and educator in Silicon Valley, she also draws from a deep investigation of human and organizational processes. She has lead experiential education for over a decade and loves to facilitate group processes in nature. yingzhao.liu@gmail.com​

    Paula Manley

    Paula supports leaders, organizations, and communities working for a more just, equitable and creative world. She is a group facilitator, strategist, and leadership developer who partners with clients to advance arts and culture, conserve and restore our environment, foster health and wellness, and support democratic participation in the life of our communities. She is the founder of Paula Manley Consulting. Every summer she can be spotted around the Pacific Northwest in her kayak. paula@paulamanley.com

    Dana Menlove

    Dana serves at the nexus of awareness and impact, supporting and challenging individuals and groups to collaborate with purpose and presence in this time of world complexity. She inspires vulnerability to generate connection and deepen awareness, compassion, and trust. In addition to supporting leaders 1:1 and small teams, Dana designs and guides strategy sessions and leads transformational retreats in wild places. Her work spans sectors from social enterprise and high-tech to manufacturing and medicine. She is devoted to relaying the beauty of being alive on Earth and thrives in the mountains and rivers of Idaho and Patagonia. dana@danamenlove.com

    Carri Munn

    Carri is a systems strategist and facilitation ninja with a career spanning 25 years in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. She partners with visionary leaders to design thriving organizations that operate like ecosystems — purpose-driven, collaborative networks that utilize collective intelligence to respond wisely and efficiently in an ever-shifting landscape. Carri provides consulting, coaching and training to conscious businesses and multi-sector collaborations committed to making game-changing transformation a reality. She is also principal at Context for Action. carri@contextforaction.com

    Amelia Pape

    Amelia is a storyteller, strategist, and social entrepreneur. Her experience includes founding a social enterprise to reduce food insecurity in Portland, Oregon, building Whole Foods Market’s first food access initiative, developing the Portland Metro’s inaugural food prescription program, creating a community health strategy for a Tribal Nation, and teaching graduate-level courses on social entrepreneurship and storytelling for social innovation. Amelia specializes in integrating mission and business imperatives with the power of strategic storytelling. She is also co-founder of ALICE Strategy. amelia@alicestrategy.com

    David Sawyer

    David Sawyer (aka "Sawyer") has played key roles in a variety of fields: education reform, national service, social entrepreneurship, venture philanthropy and environmental stewardship. He specializes in networks, strategy, design, and systems thinking. Prior to cofounding Converge he helped launch the Americorps program, received The Servant Leader Award from the National Youth Leadership Council, and served as the first Executive Director of Social Venture Partners Portland. He lives in Portland, Oregon with a cat named String Theory. sawyer@converge.net

    Matthew Spence

    Matthew is a specialist in finding and organizing information to support effective decision making. He conducts market research and analysis as an essential step in formulating organizational and network strategy. As president of Spence & Company, he also teaches professionals in a broad range of industries how to organize and communicate complex ideas and information. At Converge, “spence” is used as a verb, meaning "to make clear and concise." matthew@converge.net

    Nick Viele

    Nick has been working with mission-driven organizations for more than two decades, as a volunteer, an executive director and a consultant. He has worked in the areas of education, conservation, social services, tourism and homelessness, to name a few, and has facilitated over 1,000 meetings in the process. When not facilitating a meeting or filling a white board, he can be found digging in the garden or enjoying the snow on Mt. Hood. Nick says that process is his content and he lives by the rule that ‘your mission is his client.’ He is also the founder of c3strategy. nick@c3strategy.com

    Jane Wei-Skillern

    Jane is a Senior Fellow at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business and previously served on the faculty at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Harvard Business School. For nearly the past two decades she has conducted research on trust-based networks for social impact and taught graduate level courses on network leadership and culture, social entrepreneurship, and nonprofit strategy. jane@converge.net

    Neo Anderson

    Neo is the resident futurist at Converge where he leads research on emerging trends and advises the team on scenario planning. He keeps the team focused on what really matters - relationships, integrity, and dropping everything to jump in pillow piles. Neo is keen to pursue his certification in Lego Serious Play and also tends to his burgeoning career in the arts. neo@future.earth


    Shasta oversees all aspects of strategy, business development, operations and herding. She is also the lead facilitator, content engineer and heel nipper. Shasta has an undergraduate degree from the Oregon Humane Society and can typically be found at the feet of her staff team. shasta@good.dog
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