Network Leadership Series

Join our Fall 2022 cohort, September 27 - November 15

Working at the intersection of theory and practice, the Network Leadership Series is a cohort-style training to deepen the understanding and practice of network coordination. Participants will learn useful tools and frameworks while collectively exploring ways to apply learned strategies in their home networks, within organizations, and with other practitioners.

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“I have found the sessions extremely helpful first in developing and understanding of the Converge approach, but also helpful in deepening my understanding of what networks are, how networks work, the role of a network coordinator, and so much more!”

—Tess Ojiambo, Managing Consultant Creative Metier, 2020

No two trainings are exactly alike. In each training we include our current best thinking alongside examples from our work with networks. The series unfolds in weekly online gatherings over two months, co-facilitated by Converge practitioners with diverse specialties in systems strategy, design, facilitation, education, and evaluation. Each session offers small group learning and builds depth across our core topics. During the series, you’ll receive resources, session recordings, and peer consult opportunities.


Focus on the network theory of change and how we leverage the key differences between organizations and networks to create impact.

“Converge has helped us to understand and manage our network better, understanding that dynamic tensions will always exist has been particularly helpful to me for the networks I support.”

—2020 Participant


Focus on coordination roles and how network weaving, communications framing, and project support contribute to network vitality.

“Converge has helped our whole team understand the best-in-class thinking behind networks; how they evolve and are woven.”

—2020 Participant


Focus on the ways network members engage and how creating opportunities for people to connect and collaborate generates value.

“We see a positive impact on the health of our network and the strength of relationships we have been able to foster—especially through the 5Cs approach.”

—2020 Participant

The Network Leadership Series might be for you if you are a:

Network weaver, coordinator, or leader actively supporting a network.
Consultant applying network principles with your clients.
Leader interested in integrating network principles in your organization.
Systems change advocate engaging complexity in public policy and community organizing.
Funder or program officer, curious about supporting your network partners.

“You’ve given me a new way of thinking about pretty much everything. I’ve realized how stuck in this old paradigm I have been. Thank you for nudging me to really see what impact networks are about.”

— Julie Uridil, Vitality Lab @Google, 2021

Learning Outcomes

We are excited about advancing the capability of impact networks to unleash people’s creative potential to address complex challenges through collaborative learning and action. Converge is committed to  advancing the field of networks practice by making network leadership and coordination accessible to all.

By completing the Network Leadership Series, you will:

Grow your capability to engage network mindset in cultivating impact networks.
Learn network coordination practices that facilitate connection, invite engagement and support collaborative action.
Share impact network experiences and approaches brought by other practitioners in the field.
Access and innovate on frameworks and practices for network coordination.

What Participants are Saying

Network Leadership Series 2021

“It’s been a blast being part of this cohort, especially for someone like myself who is providing leadership for the first time in a network. I am grateful for the opportunity!”

—Kambo Matindi, SNDBX Community Manager, Nairobi

“The balance between providing theory and allowing small group discussion on practice has enabled us to learn in a practical way and also develop new relationships.”

—2021 Participant

“The Network Leadership series has helped me gain an understanding of a variety of tools and techniques which I can apply as the Network Coordinator to better managethe network, as well as providing me with connections to a peer group of colleagues also running networks."

—2021 Participant

Your Network Leadership Series Facilitators
Fall 2022

Elsa Henderson

Elsa moves between the roles of facilitator, coach, and educator. In each role, her focus is on supporting individuals to learn, broaden their sense of what’s possible, and connect with a deeper sense of purpose. She brings an attitude of curiosity, respect, and care to all of her work.

Elsa has worked internationally as a facilitator and educator for 12 years. Her work focuses on capacity development and team alignment in corporate and nonprofit organizations.

As an educator she trains counselors and facilitators at the postgraduate level. Elsa holds a BA in Anthropology, and an MA in Process-Oriented Psychology and is currently pursuing
a Ph.D. in Organizational Studies.

Carri Munn

Carri is a systems strategist and masterful facilitator who partners with systems change leaders to cultivate thriving organizations and networks. She has been consulting and coaching for more than 20 years. Her clients include regional and global networks, coordination teams, and executives.

She brings a bright spirit of generosity, detail-orientation, and a patient, caring essence supports people navigating change. She is based in Portland, Oregon and enjoys working globally.

Carri holds a BA in Political Theory and a MA in PublicAdministration and Nonprofit Management. She is certified as a True Purpose Coach for individuals and organizations.

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