Network Leadership Series

The Network Leadership Series is a cohort-style training to deepen your understanding and practice of network coordination. Participants will learn useful tools and frameworks and collectively explore ways to apply them in their home networks and organizations.

Register Here for our Fall Network Leadership Series: September 27-November 15

Co-facilitated by Converge practitioners, the series unfolds in weekly online gatherings over 2 months. Each session offers small group learning and builds depth across our core topics of network mindset, coordination, and engagement.

Photo credit: Brian Asare

Learning Outcomes

By taking part in this series, you will:

  • Grow your capability to engage network mindset in cultivating impact networks
  • Learn network coordination practices to facilitate connection, invite engagement and support collaborative action
  • Share experiences and approaches with other practitioners in the field
  • Access and innovate on useful frameworks and tools for network coordination 

Intended Audiences

The Network Leadership Series is specifically designed for:

  • Network Leaders, Coordinators and Weavers actively supporting networks 
  • Consultants applying network principles with clients in their practice
  • Leaders interested in integrating network principles in their organizations

Our Co-Learning Approach

We are excited about the potential of impact networks to unleash the creative potential of people to solve complex problems through collaborative learning and action. Converge is committed to advancing the field of networks by making the practices of network leadership and coordination accessible to all. This is our commitment:

  • We meet people where they are, recognizing that network leadership involves ongoing deepening of self-awareness and systems awareness.
  • We make learning actionable, sharing concepts with interactive opportunities for participants to apply them to their real world challenges.
  • We share practical tools that have evolved through Converge’s collaborations with a variety of networks across the globe.
  • We draw on everyone's wisdom, creativity, curiosity, and generosity.
  • We embrace diverse learning styles and ways of knowing that integrate thinking, feeling, and doing.
  • We believe in co-learning and encourage participants to participate as part of a team of two or more.

What Participants are Saying

"You’ve given me a new way of thinking about pretty much everything. I’ve realized how stuck in this old paradigm I had been in. Thank you for nudging me to really see what impact networks are about."

"I must say it's been a blast being part of this cohort especially for someone like myself who is providing leadership for the first time in a network. I am grateful for the opportunity!"

Register Here for our Fall Network Leadership Series: September 27-November 15

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